City of Strangers: A Novel

The back of the book:

The life of Paul Metzger is in disrepair. Mid-thirties, divorced. A midwinter Sunday in New York finds him traveling the city to visit three people: an elder half-brother who wants little to do with him; a disgraced, dying, once infamous father, whose meager estate has pitted his sons against one another; and an ex-wife he still loves.

But it is a fourth, unplanned and violent encounter that sets in motion the events of CITY OF STRANGERS and changes more than one life forever. In a city of many millions of souls, Paul experiences the dawning realization that he is being followed, and that his watcher means him harm. The story that unfolds over the course of the next week is one of a family inalterably fractured by its past, of a man who refuses to believe that what’s done can’t be undone, and of a world that catastrophically insists otherwise.

CITY OF STRANGERS is a stunning debut by a gifted young writer, an unforgettable exploration of how we live now, of the city’s latent violence, of masculinity, and of the chance encounters upon which lives turn.


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