Late August, Early September

The hiatus at REVISIONS has lasted a bit longer than anticipated, but that’s the way August reclines into September: subtly, almost imperceptibly. I’ve always thought of these two months as a distinct mini-season unto themselves, a season alive with light and a newness in the air itself. (So, apparently, does Olivier Assayas, whose wonderful film Late August, Early September neatly and economically illustrates the life of the mind as it is lived outside the mind – with difficulty, among people – and ought to please anyone who admired Summer Hours as much as I did.)

REVISIONS will return on September 22nd, with a new column. In the meantime, Susan Chi, another New York-based writer, very kindly did an interview with me about CITY OF STRANGERS for the blog at BOMB Magazine’s website. You can read the interview here.

In the meantime, I will mention that, for those in New York, I will be doing a reading at KGB Bar, in the East Village, on October 4th. More information on the Events page to your right. Kate Walbert (the author, most recently, of A Short History of Women) will also be reading.

Finally, CITY OF STRANGERS received some kind words a couple of weeks ago in The Star-Ledger, from Betsy Willeford: ‘Paul [Metzger] trudges through the wintry gray New York City days like one of those Graham Greene innocent Americans who get themselves destroyed for inchoate causes. . . . Ian MacKenzie’s novel is simultaneously lyric and chilling.’


~ by mackenz on September 18, 2009.

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