Guest House

No new column at REVISIONS on Tuesday, but I have a good excuse: all week I have been the guest blogger at The Powell’s Blog. Powell’s Books, if you don’t know, is the legendary bookstore in Portland, Oregon; as it happens, the book I’m currently reading (rereading, actually), Philip Roth’s Zuckerman Bound, has on its back a Powell’s price tag.

Three new essays are now up at the Powell’s site: ‘An Oregon of the Mind‘, about Jon Raymond’s Livability and the literature of globalization; ‘Francophiles‘, about a lifetime of admiration for Albert Camus; and a longer essay, in three parts, whose title is self-explanatory: ‘Why I Don’t Have an MFA’. Part Three just went up; Parts One and Two are here and here. REVISIONS will resume its normal schedule next week with a new column on Tuesday.


~ by mackenz on July 13, 2009.

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